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Zoom image of 4 individuals in their zoom boxes with the NDC logo underneath. Title at the bottom "Mentoring Deaf Youth Leads to #DeafSuccess"

OnDemand Webinar: Mentoring Deaf Youth Leads to #Deaf Success



Full course description

Module Description: Mentoring opportunities offer valuable experiences that contribute to personal, academic, and career development for deaf youth. Yet, the number of opportunities or experiences for mentoring are limited. In many ways, deaf youth experience isolation and have limited opportunities to interact with peers or deaf role models. Research suggests significant positive benefits of having a mentor, particularly when the mentor has aspects in common with the mentee and cultivates that connection. Positive mentoring experiences are mutually beneficial and have a lasting influence on both the mentee, mentor and even the mentee’s family members. Unfortunately, there is a lack of programs, people, and opportunities for deaf youth to gain mentoring experiences. This panel is an opportunity to explore the benefits of mentoring, identify key considerations when coordinating mentoring experiences, and share strategies for effective mentoring practices.


Learning Objectives: By the end of this session, participants will be able to: 

    • Identify the benefits of mentoring for deaf youth

    • Implement components in effective mentoring experiences and approaches

    • Identify existing or potential barriers that may prevent mentoring opportunities for deaf youth, and consider options to mitigate them


Badge Information: Module content category - Accessibility Practices


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Continuing Education Hours: This OnDemand Webinar is pre-approved for 1 NDC Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Clock Hour and 1 CRCC Clock Hour.

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