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Captioned Media 101



Full course description


Module Description: 

This is a one-hour module focusing on captioned media. There are more than 200,000 deaf students attending college nationwide. For them to succeed, their college experience must be accessible. Data from NDC’s technical assistance inquiries indicate that many institutions still experience challenges with the design and implementation of effective accommodations including captioning media. One of the five key impact areas NDC identified to address root causes of postsecondary attainment is designing accessible environments. Participants will explore captioned media by learning about different types and their benefits. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of some standard practices for using captioned media along with how to implement the use of captioned media while following person-centered practices.



Learning Objectives - Participants will be able to:

    • Define captioned media 

    • Identify some standard practices for using captioned media

    • Describe some Person-Centered practices to incorporate when implementing the use of captioned media

Badge Information: Module content category - Accessibility Practices


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Continuing Education Hours: This module is pre-approved for 1 NDC Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Clock Hour and 1 CRCC Clock Hour

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