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Attitudes and Biases as Barriers for Deaf People



Full course description

Module description:


Attitudes and Biases as Barriers for Deaf People is a one-hour self-paced learning module designed to introduce how biases, attitudes, and social constructs impact deaf peoples’ experience as they navigate systems. This module will allow learners to examine how attitudes and biases manifest and are integrated into the systems as barriers for deaf people, as well as what action steps can be taken to reduce harm to deaf people both in personal and professional interactions.


Learning Objectives - Participants will be able to:

  • Identify how attitudes and biases created by social constructs impact the educational and employment experiences of deaf people.

  • Explore how the correlation between an individual’s privilege and bias can contribute to systemic marginalization and serve as a barrier to deaf success.

  • Discover strategies and opportunities to reduce/mitigate behavioral and bias barriers within personal or professional practices.

This course is designed for anyone who works with deaf people, or anyone interested in learning more about how to recognize their role in contributing to a system that impacts deaf people’s lives on a daily basis.

Badge information: Module content category - Deaf Awareness

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Continuing Education Credit: This module is pre-approved for 1 NDC Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Clock Hour and 1 CRCC Clock Hour.

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