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black and gray image with a diverse group of people, everyone is smiling, one person is wearing glasses NEW! DEAF 101 is a Course


Started Aug 18, 2022


Full course description

This module is designed to provide participants with resources to increase their awareness of the ethnic and cultural diversity within the deaf community; and that there is not “one” deaf community but rather many. This module examines identity and intersectionality among deaf people from lived experiences of deaf people. This module is designed for anyone who wants to engage with deaf people. It provides participants with fundamental knowledge of identity and intersectionality as well as some tools to engage with deaf people.


Learning objectives:


By the end of this module you will be able to (1) share information related to awareness of deaf identities and experiences; (2) describe intersectionality; and (3) identify some strategies to cultivate positive relationships with deaf people.

Deaf 101 is designed for ASL 101 students, instructors of deaf students, professionals with deaf coworkers, or managers of deaf employees. Deaf 101 is for anyone looking for information on what being deaf means and how to interact with deaf people.

This module is preapproved for 1 CRC Clock Hour. With a passing score of 80% or above, participants receive a certificate of completion and can submit it for professional development purposes.

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