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on a table sits two computers. One is a regular QWERTY laptop with a software program open on the screen with lines of text. The other is a stenograph machine in the forefront with a person’s arms and hands laid over the machine in typing position. Speech-to-Text 101 is a Course

Speech-to-Text 101



Full course description


Course Description: Speech-to-Text 101 is a one-hour self-paced module that provides an overview of fundamental concepts for understanding how speech-to-text services create access for deaf people. Learners will increase their knowledge and awareness of key concepts including: types of speech-to-text services, standard practices for implementing speech-to-text services, and how to provide services in a way that centers the deaf person in the experience. The information in this module will provide a foundation for future conversations with the student while planning for speech-to-text services.



Learning Objectives:



Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:


    • Describe different types of speech-to-text services and  state how they create access.

    • Identify standard practices for implementing speech-to-text services.

    • Implement a deaf-centered framework of service delivery



PD Info: This module is pre-approved for 1 NDC Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Clock Hour.

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