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Black woman smiling, in a seated position, pointing to laptop screen Teaching Deaf Students Online is a Course

Teaching Deaf Students Online



Full course description

With the rapid shift to online learning, it is more essential than ever to expand your teaching toolbox to make online classes fully accessible — especially for students who are deaf or have diverse educational needs. 


In two one-hour modules, Teaching Deaf Students Online is a self-paced professional development course that can help you adapt your online courses to ensure that they are accessible and inclusive. You will gain a basic understanding of accessible learning, increase your awareness of the challenges and barriers that deaf learners experience in online classrooms, and learn strategies to immediately implement in your teaching plans. 


  • Module 1 explains the framework of accessible learning, principles of Universal Design for Learning, diversity among deaf learners, effective communication about equitable access, and the barriers, benefits, and basics of online instruction. 


  • Module 2 prepares faculty to improve access and inclusion in their online classes by addressing common access barriers and how they can be overcome. Topics include considering course delivery methods, addressing student expectations, managing media and content, being mindful of class communications, and accommodating remote services. 


What It Addresses  


Over 200,000 deaf and hard of hearing students attend colleges and universities in the United States. Research shows that, even prior to the pandemic, many deaf students had experience with online instruction and at rates higher than their hearing peers: 45.7% had taken at least one online course and 17.1% did all of their undergraduate studies online. 


These experiences are not equitable to their hearing peers. This course examines practices that are barriers to online learning for deaf students, and solutions to address them. With increased awareness of the accessible learning design and strategies in making an online course accessible to all learners, deaf learners will then be granted access.


Who It Is Designed For


Teaching Deaf Students Online is free and open to all. It is designed for postsecondary and secondary educators, interpreters and service providers, and anyone interested in learning about how to teach deaf students online. With a passing score of 80% or above, participants receive a certificate of completion.


Professional Development Credit 


We do not currently offer CEUs or CRCCs for this course.


Also Recommended  


Another NDC course, Instructional Strategies for Deaf Student Success, is recommended for further exploration of accessible classroom environments, strengthened student engagement, and inclusive learning experiences — whether online, hybrid, or face-to-face. 

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