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Effective Communication Access Course Series is a Program

Effective Communication Access Course Series

Started Apr 16, 2018


Full program description

Course 1 (1.0 RID CEUs, Professional Studies / 10 CRC Clock Hours)

Having an understanding of the communication preferences of students is the cornerstone of providing effective services for deaf individuals. Effective communication affords deaf individuals the ability to give or receive information in a manner that is best for them and which will create opportunities for full participation in the programs offered by the institution. This course gives an overview of the key concepts in effective communication in postsecondary settings such as institutional responsibility under the law, coordinating communication access services using an interactive process, providing access via qualified service providers, and best practices when making accommodations decisions.  Throughout the course, participants will...



  • Identify the key components of an 'interactive process' and how to effectively utilize the information to coordinate communication access services.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and role of their institutions in providing effective communication access. 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key components of providing effective communication access for deaf individuals.
  • Identify interview questions that will elicit information to help determine appropriate accommodations in academic settings. 
  • Identify potential challenges in determining effective accommodations and create potential proactive solutions


Course 2 (1.0 RID CEUs, Professional Studies / 10 CRC Clock Hours) Prerequisites: Course 1

Providing effective communication access for deaf students requires knowledge of the range of auxiliary aids and services available. Professionals coordinating deaf-centered service can incorporate best practices by seeking qualified service providers and enacting policies and procedures that promote consistent, quality service. Throughout the course, participants will demonstrate knowledge of deaf-centered approaches to the following postsecondary practice areas:

  • Frequently-requested accommodations
  • Essential characteristics of qualified service providers 
  • Policies and procedures that support consistent, high quality service 
  • Common challenges and proactive solutions related to the provision of accommodations

Course 3 (1.0 RID CEUs, Professional Studies / applied for pre-approval, 10 CRC Clock Hours) Prerequisites: Course 1, Course 2

Please note that Course 3 is facilitated and will be offered ONLY from July 22 - Aug 11, 2019.  Enrollment is now closed.

Colleges and universities offer a variety of enrichment opportunities that foster student growth as unique individuals and future contributors to society. The expectation for deaf students should be equal to that of their hearing peers, but more often than not, deaf students face barriers to full participation. More and more deaf students are participating in study abroad experiences, internship opportunities, networking opportunities, and distance learning opportunities. These activities require different accommodations than the typical classroom needs.

In this course, participants will examine access on their own campuses and practice the skills necessary to coordinate effective communication access for academic programming in and outside of the classroom. Topics in this three-week course include...

  • Understanding what constitutes equitable access to academic and extracurricular programming for deaf individuals
  • Articulating institutional responsibilities for providing services for campus programming
  • Addressing concerns about fundamental alteration of program content and suggest appropriate academic adjustments for deaf students
  • Assessing and coordinating accommodations for students participating in internships or field experiences
  • Identifying potential barriers for online or distance learning and engaging in discussions about managing these challenges
  • Conducting an institutional assessment for effective accommodation readiness and develop strategic plan for increasing institutional capacity


Each course is pre-approved by RID CMP for 1.0 CEUs (professional studies). CEUs are submitted to RID on a monthly basis on behalf of qualified participants.  Participants can submit their member information at the end of the course. Participants will also be able to generate a certificate of completion for their own records.

Courses 1 and 2 are pre-approved by CRCC for 10 CRC Clock Hours. Participants are responsible for submitting their own certificates of completion to CRCC.  Detailed instructions are included at the end of the course. Participants will also be able to generate a certificate of completion for their own records. We have applied for pre-approval for 10 CRC Clock Hours for Course 3.